Around the World in 12 hours!

A Trolldom Spirit Travel Marathon.


The Around the world in 12h Trolldom Spirit Travel marathon is a global online event that will challenge your story making, boost your travelling abilities beyond anything you ever experienced and make certain beyond doubt, that you can indeed travel the world and transverse time in 12 hours!

This is a race designed for those who already have some travelling experience and there will be no lecturing or teaching of techniques. No need to be an expert thou, the momentum of the group will assist the journeys and the setting provide excellent training. We will start with some brief instructions on the format and purpose and code of conduct on location before we head out travelling again and again and again. So come prepared.  At some locations we stay briefly and in others a bit longer.

Come and see the marvels of Ancient Egypt, the jungles of South America, Asia, India and Europe in its greatest splendor across time! Join us as we jump from modern plazas to remote hilltops, from forgotten temples to famous tourist attractions!

Date: Saturday, March 2, 2024. 4pm-4am (Swedish Time).

Location: Zoom link will be provided.

Fee: USD $120.

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