Sebastopol, CA.

3-day workshop.

 September 11-13.

About the Location:  

The training takes place at Erik Ohlsens farmstead in Sebastopol, California. With a lifetime of experience in Permaculture, Erik and his family has built the most sustainable and magnificent garden in the area. The perfect place to train.



The workshop is held by Johannes B. Gårdbäck, author of “Trolldom – Spels & Methods of the Norse Folkmagic Tradition”. Johannes has 30 years of experience as a professional practitioner and for the last 5 years he has taught hundreds of students and apprentices the ways of Trolldom & Nordic Spirituality.


Day 1:

Trolldom & Scandinavian Culture.

Scandinavian Nature & Landscape & the History of the Scandinavian Folkmagic practices. Äringsåret – The Annual growth and the needs of the Ancestors. 

Introduction to Spådom - The Art of Seeing and Spiritual diagnosis.

How to perceive Spirits (of the Dead and of Nature) and various various non-physical influences, such as Spells by exploring and discriminating what you already can and have. Discernment between own “imagination” and what else is present. The use of water, mirrors, Årsgång (Annual Walk) and other means to assist the processes of Spådom.

Day 2:

Väsen & Förfäder - How to communicate and relate to Spirits & Ancestors of Blood & Land.

Traditional approaches and Rituals to befriend, commune with and communicate our Ancestors of Blood, Land and Tradition. Befriending the Tomte of your land, forming fruitful and thriving relationships with the others spirits around you. Coming home and taking responsibility for the non-physical well being of your community.

Day 3: 

Besvärjelser - Saga, Urd & The Languages –

How to do traditional Spells, Rituals to assist needs that arise. Understand the languages of Nature and how to use materia for purposes of healing, growing, and much more.

Fee: $450. 

For more info: Contact Erik Ohlsen: [email protected]


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