Denver, CO.

5-day workshop.

September 18-22.


About the Location:  

The training takes place at the RitualCravt facilities in Denver. Located on 7700 W 44th Ave
Wheat Ridge.

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The workshop is held by Johannes B. Gårdbäck and Missy Rhysing.

Johannes is the author of “Trolldom – Spels & Methods of the Norse Folkmagic Tradition”. Johannes has 30 years of experience as a professional practitioner and for the last 5 years he has taught hundreds of students and apprentices the ways of Trolldom & Nordic Spirituality.


Day 1.

Trolldom, Kultur & Natur – Introduction to the Lands, Culture & Folk magic of the Scandinavian tradition.


What is trolldom?

Outsiders perspective – Scandinavian folk magic. Meeting and relating between Nature and People resulting in culture which produce magical poems, symbols, folklore stories about nature and its living spirits.

Insiders perspective.  – Way of organizing ones identity, imagination, imagination and take action aiming for a result.


Learning Trolldom –

Having the gift, acquiring the gift, initiation.

Modern outsiders perspective – school, dogma, magister, empty sheet student. Supernatural. Separated and need to rejoin.

Insiders perspective – Marinating and using what we already know. Following what we love and enjoy (deep values, deep meaning). Natural. Eco-system. Already in it creating what culture taught us. 



Maps. Folklore and Archeology.

Art – Symbols in folk art.

An introduction to the Scandinavian Nature & Culture and folklore over the past 5000 years in ways relevant to Spirituality and Trolldom. You will get to learn what dwells under the ground, around us in the forests, meadows and hills in a way few non-Swedes ever get the chance. Burial mounds, ancient stone ships, Sacred wells, Hills/Meadows/Grooves of the Vanir and Aesir and far older deities. We will look at folk art and how it carries the trolldom tradition throughout the ages despite religious shifts, building traditions, the hidden layers of festivities such as Jul and Midsummer and much more.



Day 2.

Spådom – What spådom is.

The ability to see spirits, spells, and the unseen. Diagnosis, fortune telling and divination.


09.00 – 10.00

After a short introduction to the traditional ways of Spådom – such as Årsgång (The Annual Walk), Stöpa (Steeping), Se I Spegel (Mirror work) - 



How to organize yourself.

Where on the map are you? Inventory. Contrasts.

Where on the map is the forest? Spherical space.

Asking – the Spear of Gungnir - Finding a tree in the forest. What kind of tree?

The terrain is not the map – what the hell am I seeing/sensing/impressions? Talking out loud.


we will dive right into the training and opening of these inherent abilities to perceive these things in the participants.  

It/not it and the contrast in between. Using hands.

What other trees are there? – Apart from…



Reading of people. Each other. The rooms. Other rooms.

Looking in Mirror/surface.


Day 3.

Trolldom Materia Magica

Naturens Språk - The Languages of Nature and how to use them. The keys to our initiatory practices of the Dragons Blood and the White Serpent lore. We will take a look at inner languages and outer languages that will unlock abilities to spirit travel and do all kinds of practical magical work in the spirit realms. We will talk about the languages of Trees, Herbs, Stones, Minerals, Animals of the Tradition and how to explore them, their qualities and spirits for various for trolldom purposes.



Lore of dragons blood and the White Serpent. The Urd – the great weave of stories.


09.45 – 12.00

Languages – what is a human language? Symbols pointing to content. Need to learn symbols.

What is a natural language? Content made up of different light, colours, form, sound, scent, taste, movements, actions etc. used like threads to make our own weave.

Sympathies and Signatures.


 13.00 – 16,00

 Finding the magical properties of Herbs, stones etc. Learning how your story dances together with impressions to create experiences. How we use this in Trolldom.



Day 4.

Väsen, Varder & Rådare – The Spirits of the Tradition.

Spirits of the Dead. Ancestors of Blood, Land and Tradition. Elementals & Nature Spirits. Deities.



Relating and dealing with Spirits. Furniture & Self-Flattering, Economy, Friendship, Intimacy.


09.45 – 12.00

Spirits of the dead – Their conditions & influences.

Ancestors of Blood, Ancestors of Land,


13.00 – 16.00

Ancestors of Traditions. Elementals, Deities.

Gästabud and Gift giving (Blot, Offer). 


Day 5.

Besvärjelser. - Spells and Trolldom methods to heal, hurt and everything in between. An introduction into the means and methods of the tradition and how we to go from there to easily design work for any kind of magical purpose.


09.00 – 12.00

Deliberately dedicated actions – taking and moving in a direction. Why are you doing what you are doing?

Superstition vs Trolldom. Who handles the meaning?

Traditional Trolldom spell work – Who, What, and How. Mundane and professional spells of the tradition. 

Urd – the weave. Taking apart. Putting together – setting up the recipe. 



Practical work. Making a recipe. Cast the spell. Do Spådom to check if it can be detectable.



Q & A. Where can you go from here? Courses, Apprenticeships, The Trolldom Society.

Fee: $750

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