Trolldom Spirit Travel

Online Workshop 3-5 Nov, 2023.

Learn and Train the Traditional & Modern methods, tools and usages of spirit travel.


Online Weekend Workshop

for Spiritual Explorers & Adventurers.

November 3-5, 2023.

Price: $450

Payment options:

  • One time payment.
  • Downpayment in 3 installments ($150/month x3)
  • Member of the Trolldom Society: $250


FRIDAY, Nov 3 – Techniques & Tools.

(18.00 - 22.00 Swedish Time.)

18.00 Traditional Trolldom Terms and ways of travelling.

“Hugen går före”, Vardöga, Gand (Fight and Harm/War), Mareritt (Hagriding), Fjärrskådning (remote viewing).

Traditional Techniques, Tools & Locations.

  • Using a rhythm – sound (instrument & voice), rocking body, walking, breath rythm, pulsing.
  • Using Elements – Wind, Water, Fire.
  • Traditional Tools.
  • Traditional locations.

Modern Techniques.

  • Modern Tools & resources.
  • Modern Locations.
  • Trance vs. Open Attention inclusion.
  • Two places at once – Splitting Attention and Part projection.
  • Astral projection & Lucid Dreaming.
  • Dream projection – select a destination (write down and put under pillow. Hold intent. Fall asleep, release to. Surrender to.
  • After travel reintegration techniques.
  • Navigation on location.

21.45 Setting up Dream Location.

22.00 Workshop ends for the day.  (Write down what happened, if you recognized anyone…etc)

SATURDAY, Nov 4 – Traveling.

(15.00 - 22.00 Swedish Time.)

15.00 Dream recall.

15.15 Setting up for travel.

16.00 Travel to interesting destinations. Just practice. Write down recount in chat.

18.00 Break

19.00 Travelling to interesting destinations. Just practice. Write down recount in chat.

21.30 Q & A. Sharing experiences.

21.45 Set up Dream meeting location.

SUNDAY, Now 5 – Using travelling for Trolldom work.

(15.00 – 22.00 Swedish Time.)

15.00 Dream recall. Sharing experiences.

15.30 Purposes & usages of Spirit Travel.

  • Traditional Trolldom Purposes.
  • Modern & Advanced Purposes.

16.00 Visiting each other – experience what it feels like when all the others come to your home and leave. Vanguarding & resource sharing.  

18.00 Break

19.00 Visiting each other continued.

20.00 Involuntary spirit travel & projections - Hugr projections, strong thinkers and story-making sensitive people.  

20.30 Protection from & stopping spirit visitors – Friendly conversation, temporary protections, hostile response to home invaders not respecting law of hospitality. 

21.00 Q & A and share experiences. 

21.45 Where to go from here?

22.00 Workshop ends.

Zoom link will be sent to address used to sign up a few days before we start.


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